Digital Wallet Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply to how we facilitate the use of your MYCU Debit Card (Card) when you add or keep a Card in a Digital Wallet. A Digital Wallet is any electronic payment system that uses your Card or a digital record of your Card to allow you pay for items. It is operated by a provider of Digital Wallets (Digital Wallet Provider) and is available on a suitable mobile phone, tablet or other device (Device). The words “you” and “your” mean you as a Credit Union MYCU Current Account holder, and the words “we”, “us”, “our” means the Credit Union of which you are a member, regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland under the Credit Union Act 1997 (as amended).

  1. Your Current Account and Debit Card Terms and Conditions Still Apply
  2. The terms and conditions that apply to your MYCU Current Account and Debit Card(s) still apply when you use your Card in a Digital Wallet. Your digital Wallet Provider (and other third parties such as mobile network providers or device operating systems) may have separate terms and conditions and privacy policies that they will inform you about when you register for their Digital Wallet or use a Digital Card. You should make sure that you read these terms and conditions and policies and are satisfied with these.

  3. Using your Card in a Digital Wallet
  4. To add a Card to a Digital Wallet, you must follow the process set out by the Digital Wallet Provider (and any other procedures we, or they, may need to adopt). Not all Cards will be eligible to be added to the Digital Wallet, and the Digital Wallet Provider may limit the number of Cards that can be used. Once a Card is added, the Digital Wallet will only allow you to make purchases where the Digital Wallet is accepted. You may remove your Card(s) from the Digital Wallet at any time by following the Digital Wallet Provider’s procedures for removal. We must continue to process any Digital Wallet Transactions on your Card outstanding at the time you remove it from the Digital Wallet and you must still pay for such transactions.

  5. Fees
  6. We do not charge any fees for adding your Card to the Digital Wallet. The usual fees associated with using your Card will still apply. The Digital Wallet Provider or other third parties (for example, mobile network operators) may separately charge you fees in relation to your use of the Digital Wallet or Device and such fees are between you and the Digital Wallet Provider or relevant third party.

  7. Responsibility for the Digital Wallet working
  8. We do not operate the Digital Wallet and therefore are not responsible for its use or performance. We can only help you with using your Card. We are not responsible for the Digital Wallet, for example, if it requires updating, becomes unavailable or if you are unable to use it for any transaction, or if a merchant refuses to accept payment using the Digital Wallet.

  9. Card and Device Security
  10. You must keep your security credentials (for example user IDs, passcodes or account passwords) for your device and Digital Card secret and not share them with anyone. In particular you should take the following steps at a minimum to keep your Digital Card safe:

  11. Suspending or Cancelling Your Use of a Card
  12. There may be situations where we refuse to allow a Card to be added to a Digital Wallet, or cancel or suspend use of a Card to make purchases using the Digital Wallet. We can do this for any reason and at any time, including where you are in breach of these Terms and Conditions or the MYCU Current Account and Debit Card Terms and Conditions, where your Card is blocked, cancelled or expired, where we suspect fraud, if you have an overdue or negative balance, if directed to do so by the Digital Wallet Provider or the applicable card network, or where we cannot sufficiently authenticate you or the Card. The Digital Wallet Provider or a third party may also block, restrict, suspend, or terminate your use of the Digital Wallet without reference to us, and we cannot be liable if this happens.

  13. Your Privacy
  14. We respect the privacy of your personal information. We will at all times comply with our obligations under Data Protection law and the terms of our Data Protection Notice and Cookie Policy, available on our website or in our office, both of which form part of these Terms and Conditions. The Digital Wallet Provider is separately responsible for how they use and manage any personal information you provide to it.

  15. We May Change these Terms and Conditions
  16. These Terms and Conditions may change from time to time, and we will notify you as set out in your MYCU Current Account and Debit Card Terms and Conditions, after which the continued use of your Card with the Digital Wallet will mean that you have accepted them. If you do not agree to any updated Terms and Conditions, you may remove your Card(s) from the Digital Wallet following the Digital Wallet Provider’s procedures for removal.

  17. Contact Us
  18. If you have any queries in relation to these Terms and Conditions, please refer to our Digital Wallet FAQs available on our website. If you have any questions or issues which are not answered by our FAQs, please contact us using the telephone number on the back of your card. If you have questions in relation to the Digital Wallet, please contact the Digital Wallet Provider. These terms and conditions are governed by and will be interpreted in accordance with the laws of Ireland. The Irish Courts will have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes relating to these terms and conditions.