Disputed Transactions

If you do not recognise a  transaction, please consider the instructions below.

Before you begin

  • Have you given the merchant an opportunity to put things right?
    The merchant can usually resolve a dispute much quicker than we can – please give them at least 14 days to try and resolve things for you.

  • Is the payment still pending?
    It can take several days for a payment to hit your account, and we are unable to process a dispute for you if the payment is still pending.

If you don’t recognise a transaction

  • Some merchants may trade under a different name and this trading name can appear on statement entries.
    You should check the merchant details on the internet, or click Unusual Merchant Name for a list of common Merchant Trading Names.

  • Have you made other purchases from this merchant?
    The transaction could be a “split” payment if multiple goods were purchased.

If you are still unable to recognise a transaction, or unable to resolve the dispute directly with the merchant:

Please report it to MYCU Card Services on
+353 (1) 511 94 94 or contact your Credit Union

MYCU Transaction Dispute Form

Click here to download the Form.

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