Be Fraud Aware

Debit cards are a very safe way to pay for goods or services or to withdraw cash, but it is important to take the necessary precautions to ensure that your card and card details are kept safe.

Your MYCU Debit Card uses “Chip and PIN” technology meaning it contains a micro-chip that helps prevent the physical card being copied (counterfeited) and used fraudulently. However, due to the fact that some countries have not yet introduced “Chip and PIN”, Irish cards that are counterfeited can still be used to make fraudulent ATM withdrawals or pay for goods and services in some countries outside Europe.

Treat your card like cash. Keep it safe at all times. A card with a PIN is a very valuable thing to a criminal. A card without a PIN is also of value to a criminal as it can be used in some online stores.

It is important to keep your PIN safe and shield it when you are entering it. Card data that has been skimmed can be sold in the criminal underworld especially if it includes the PIN of the card. Skimmed card data can easily be passed to criminals in countries that do not yet have Chip and PIN who then use it to create a counterfeit card to withdraw cash from ATMs

Types of Fraud

Anyone can be the target of financial fraud and scams, and at any time. Your best defence is to stay informed, alert, and secure.

Remember! If you believe that your account or card details have been compromised contact your Credit Union directly or the MYCU Card Services team on 01 511 9494 immediately.

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